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Oracle Support Accreditation: What, Why & How

Every Oracle user, customer, administrator, developer or student must have used My Oracle Support (aka MOS) for one thing or another, be it for Service Request creation, looking for some documents, downloading patches, approving Support Identifiers , etc. MOS is a one stop destination of most, if not all, support requirement for Oracle products & services. It is a powerful portal if used to it’s full potential but often many people don’t use it the way its designed to help. To resolve this gap we have ‘support best practices and tips directly from Oracle product experts’ called Oracle Support (MOS) Accreditation.

Oracle Support Accreditation


Oracle Support Accreditations are self-paced, guided learning paths with targeted resources and exams to validate your skills. The easy-to-consume modules will show you how to leverage available tools and resources, offer you time-saving best practices, and help you to unleash your potential by optimizing support interactions.

Oracle Support Accreditations



As mentioned above these accreditation are designed my Oracle product experts to increase your expertise across core support tools, best practices which helps businesses to increase their productivity by implementing them like automated email update to save time & drive efficiency or build a customized toolkit of resource as per the role.


Oracle Support Accreditations have two levels.

Level 1: covers core functionality and best practices for My Oracle Support, Cloud portal and Oracle platinum services.

Level 2:  is targeted to best practices for supporting your specific products like, E-business suite, Enterprise Manager, PeopleSoft, etc.

Check the full list here –> Doc ID 1583898.2

Each Oracle support accreditation have their respective Doc ID. Once you click on the Doc ID, it will show you the learning modules & all the resources needed to specific MOS accreditation.

Once learning modules completed, you can go for assessment at Oracle’s iLearning portal. Simply search for “Accreditation Assessment” on search bar and complete the desired assessment once you are ready.


Upon completion you will receive a completion certificate and 200 point in MOS Community. You can opt-in to show support accreditation badge in your Oracle support community profile by following this process –> Opt-In Process

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