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How to Study for Alibaba Cloud Associate – Cloud Computing Exam

I recently wrote Alibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) – Cloud Computing which was a nice new experience for me in my cloud learning journey. Alibaba is one of the top Cloud providers in the world and growing rapidly.  It would be the preferred choice for businesses that want to have a presence in China, and the cloud provider is expanding in markets such as Asia Pacific and slowly in Europe and the US.

In this blog I will share some tips and resources to write Alibaba Cloud Associate – Cloud Computing exam.

  •  About ACA Cloud Computing
Its an associate level exam that covers Alibaba Cloud’s core products like computing, storage network and security. Passing this exam will give you credential that you posses the knowledge on  cloud products like Alibaba Cloud’s ECS, Server Load Balancers, OSS, VPC, Auto Scaling, CDN, Alibaba Cloud Security and CloudMonitor products.
  • How to buy the exam
All you need to go to ACA cloud computing page, and purchase the exam. Once done you will receive a test code. You need to login on’s Alibaba page and login with your credential and use the test code you purchased to book a slot of your choice.
  • How to prepare for exam
First and foremost, get familiar with the ecosystem, I would suggest to start by registering for a free account in Alibaba Cloud. Leverage that account to try over 40 Products for Free that worth $450-$1300 USD. It also comes with up to 12 months usage for Elastic Compute Service. You can explore all the free benefits here.
You can go through there amazing video library and document center to start the learning.
However this exam doesn’t need a compulsory course to be completed but it is recommended to complete Cloud Computing Exam Preparation Course that is designed by Alibaba Academy. Its a 440 Minutes self paced video course that is more than enough for you to pass the exam. Alibaba currently giving a huge discount on this and available only at USD 0.99 (72.74 INR).
Below is the pattern of ACA cloud computing exam. Full exam outline is available here.

Feel free to ping me on LinkedIn for any query regarding ACA – Cloud Computing Exam.

~Thankyou for reading


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